un mensaje de Brandon Q Adams (Zeke de la Pelicula Moonwalker) a Michael Jackson

A Note for the Greatest Talent Performer of all history Michael Jackson.. The King of Pop!
June 26, 2009
The loss of another great one has come upon us this week. Michael Jackson was a legend, a icon, and just an all around good hearted beautiful human being. My heart is very sad with the lost of my friend, there is no words that can express the grief and the pain that I'm feeling in my heart right now. Michael was my idol growing up and he was also my friend. I feel extremely blessed to have had the oppurtunity to meet him, get to know him, and even work with him. I discovered who I was and the talents that I possess as an individual thru the influence of Michael Jackson. He was thee greatest entertainer of all time, there will never be another Michael. He has reached so many people with his music all over the world. He was an inspiration for so many out there. I still cant believe he's gone.
Still to this day, no matter where I go, no matter how many other project's I've been involved with, everyone from my friends, to family, my peers, have always said the same thing to me, and that is that I was the luckiest kid in the world to have met and worked with the legendary king of pop Michael Jackson. Those memories I will forever Cherish and treasure.
I also want to take the opportunity to send my condolences and sorrow to all of Michael's family, friends, and fans all over the world. I know this is a very sad moment for all of us. I will keep my friend MJ in my prayers and will look forward to one day reuniting with him. We all know he's in a better place.
Michael thank you for giving me those priceless memories and allowing me to be part of your history and life.
I will Miss you!
Your friend and best child impersanator,
Brandon Q. Adams
Sin traduccion para que no pierda la esencia , el es Zeke de Moonwalker el niño de Baby bad , que en su blog el 26 de junio del 2009. publico este mensaje

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